4 days later Kuari Pass

Kuari Pass

Day 1Delhi Joshimath

 So, after a while, my friend and I started trekking in the Himalayas. We are a little excited about Kuari Pass Trek, because especially for me, I haven’t been to the Himalayas for a long time, and I am as eager as my first trip.

 If someone is hiking or planning to do so in Uttarakhand, it is known that due to lack of connectivity, hiking there may be more difficult than elsewhere. It is more difficult to reach the base than on foot itself, because if you do not have a private car, you have to change to many local buses, which can be uncomfortable. Although it was on the mountain, the sky was still very hot. When I arrived at the base, the day had already passed.

 We left Delhi around 11pm and it took us 6 hours to reach Rishikesh. From Rishikesh, we had to change three local buses to get to Joshimath. So overall, it took us about 2022 hours to get to Josmas.

 Now when you are exhausted from riding the bus, the thought of starting a hike tomorrow will hurt some people. In other respects, this is the positive reinforcement we need to keep going. When we got to Joshimath, all we wanted was to climb the stairs and fall onto the bed. We managed to find a 2 bed dorm at GMVN for $ 480 a night. Set an alarm for tomorrow morning’s walk and be asleep in a few minutes.

 Day 2

 Joshimath Gulling Bodh

 We woke up, had a light breakfast and started our journey from Joshimath around 7:00 in the morning. This time, we traveled to Dakko by car instead of public transportation. The journey takes about 4045 minutes, and the scenery along the way is definitely enjoyment for the soul. Imagine the lush green landscape, a well-built wide highway, unobstructed views of the mountains, and the cool breeze blowing through your hair, blowing all these together, this is our journey through Joshimath for you.

 When we finally reached Dak, we parked our car in a small town a little further away and started our trek under the guidance of our guide. This is a hike through the woods. So although the huge, dense trees that form the cradle around us are beautiful, we did not see the vast mountains and the endless green. The trail is not long, about 7 kilometers, and there are no obvious marks.

 We finally reached Camp Gulling on the way, a small meadow surrounded by forests. After a short respite, we continued climbing the mountain and found a good spot to enjoy the mountain view, enough for the photographer in my heart to take action. We had lunch there, and when the sun started to set, we took a break, took photos, and relaxed.

 At approximately 9 o’clock, we returned to our camp and declared the end. One of the best parts of this hike is that it is not very crowded. There are 23 people who live in the camp with us. I remember when I woke up at 3:00 in the morning and walked out, no one could see it. In the dark night, all I can see is the sky full of stars.

 Day 3

 Bodh Chitrakantha Kuari Pass Bodh

 We left the camp, a little before Gulling. I had firewood, cookies, eggs, and paranthe for breakfast, and then went to pack the hiking gear. So today our goal is to reach the Kuari pass Trek, which requires a total of 12 kilometers of walking. The incline for this hike was smaller than the one we did on the second day, but it was relatively longer.

 What made the third day different was, of course, the scenery we encountered during the hike. Like the day before, the first 11.5 kilometers went through the forest, and we began to see signs of the first snowfall. On the way we had to traverse a steep slope with snow, which was a bit risky, but after reaching the top of the mountain it was all worth it. We are surrounded by a 220-degree mountain range, from where we can see about 810 peaks, among which are Nandadevi, Dronagiri and Hathi Ghora.

 The landscape, we continue, is made up of brown grass and huge boulders. We crossed 23 winding hills to reach Kuari Pass. Until now, we have been seeing snow spots everywhere. When we reached Kuari Pass, the sky was white. All we can see is the dreamy blue sky above and the white carpet below.

 Therefore, the journey through Kuari Pass consists of half walking and half skiing through snow. From this point on, we had to hike in nearly 6 feet of snow, so our hike was also longer than we expected. When we came back, it was already around 5:30 in the afternoon, and we had lunch at the camp.

 At 9 o’clock, we had to decide to end the day. I checked the tripod once before going to bed, and the star trail image shared with you also had the same result.

Day 4 (last day)

 Bodh Gorson Bugyal Auli Joshimath

 Again, we woke up early in the morning, happy with the great hike ahead of us. On this day, we decided to take a circular route in front of Gulling, from there we will reach Gorson Bugyal and finally Auli. So the whole trek starts at Joshimat and ends at Auli.

 On the fourth day, we completed a distance earlier than expected at an astonishing speed. We decided to take the same route as the day before, so our initial journey was 11.5 hours through the forest. With big dense trees and a mountain dog leading the way, the ride is not bad.

 We continued our journey, and we found this small lake called Dali. An ordinary lake itself, but when we descend through the grass, the reflections of the surrounding mountains reflect a different spectrum to the lake surface (I will share the image later). After passing through the tower, we finally reached Gosenbujial. We also lose or weight during this journy The scenery of this place has changed. Although the snow is still in place, it is covered with green grass and is spread over a large area. Dotted with red and green flowers, we traverse it to a downhill forest canopy.

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