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A plan to make a profit by reducing the barking of cows

Research has shown that cow dung and dung emit large amounts of methane, an environmentally friendly greenhouse gas. It is now being considered to reduce methane from a dietary supplement and sell it as methane credit.

There are currently more than 1.4 billion cows worldwide, emitting 10% of the world’s methane-releasing methane. That’s why the British company Motral has developed a cow’s diet from garlic and citrus fruits that are added to normal fodder, thus reducing methane emissions from cows, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by one ton per cow a year.

The company will now use the methane savings as carbon credits, meaning it can be sold to companies that emit unusual amounts of methane into the atmosphere. It has also been approved by a company called Vera. The profits will also go to farm owners and farmers as they use them.

Brads Farm, located in northwestern Ratania, has started feeding its 440 cows a methane-reducing supplement with this credit program. This supplement goes into the stomach and eliminates the microbes that cause methane. The process of eating grass and digesting it produces methane in the cow’s stomach, which settles in cow dung and is also excreted in belching. Interestingly, this diet does not affect milk production.

Motral has also dubbed methane credits as cow credits.

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