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Anxiety and panic attacks are dangerous psychological conditions

Difficulties are part of life. Each of us is busy fighting for the hardships of our lives. But sometimes it happens that a person loses the strength to fight the complex hardships that come in his life and becomes a victim of depression.

Evidence of this can be seen when a person’s daily life is affected. The majority of people have low endurance and when they face severe suffering, they suffer from mental illnesses such as depression and panic attacks. Fear of something makes the body tremble. People seem to have no strength in their body anymore, moreover, their health has deteriorated suddenly, which happened suddenly. The American Institute of Mental Health has said in its research that forty Millions of American adults suffer from anxiety disorders.

According to experts, the most common of these symptoms are sudden changes in mood and physical and mental confusion. However, there is a long list of symptoms, including anxiety, loss of concentration, muscle spasms, fatigue and insomnia. Including, but usually people ignore all these symptoms for months, the consequences of which can be very dangerous.

Anxiety all the time, panic attacks, sudden onset of fear and feeling as if you are about to die and not only psychological but also physical symptoms of this condition like chest tightness, shortness of breath. Having difficulty These are all worrying symptoms that require a doctor’s help now. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

Look at the possibilities

Sometimes there are other factors that seem to be a sign of anxiety and depression, but in reality they are caused by something else. Sometimes the side effects of a medication can lead to symptoms that indicate depression. In such cases, it is important to consult a medical specialist and try to prevent such physical symptoms.

Some cases such as overactive thyroid, low blood sugar, hormonal ambulance, autoimmune disease (when the body’s immune system attacks and destroys healthy tissues), inner ear diseases, heart valve disorders Symptoms include drowsiness, anxiety, convulsions, restlessness, fatigue and heart attacks. Experts say that people who suffer from panic attacks feel as if they have a heart attack. Lying down The key is to convince yourself that this is not a heart attack.

You are out of danger

Anxiety can be aggressive in many ways, be it social or physical. Such as fear of being charged by society, anxiety of being separated from someone, phobia (fear of different things) and panic attack. According to experts, it is quite normal for physical symptoms to appear in such cases because it indicates that something is wrong, and it is also beneficial because it sends a signal to the person to fight the situation now. Be careful otherwise there may be danger.

But when anxiety goes to extremes and begins to affect our daily routines, it indicates that anxiety disorder is a mental problem. In a panic attack, your heart beats faster, yes. Feeling dizzy and shivering. It can also be caused by a traumatic event. If a child is left under water for a long period of time, it becomes like this. Something similar happens in the case of a panic attack.

Many people suffer from the fear that they have had a heart attack and are at high risk. In this case, it is better for them to go to the hospital and see a doctor. People with anxiety disorders Problems such as fatigue, restlessness, muscle strain, and insomnia occur. This usually occurs in the most unexpected cases. Suppose a person whose job is the only means of subsistence, leaves or cheats on a partner he loves immensely, or if someone’s child has an accident, what could be worse than that. No matter how bad the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks are, according to experts, it is very important that you make yourself believe that you are out of danger. It’s actually a psychological game to calm your nerves. Most panic attacks heal on their own in two to three minutes.

Keep calm

People who have a panic attack have chest pain due to hyperventilation and tense muscles. Their chest and abdomen become stiff due to the stress that makes them forget to breathe. The person suffering from the attack should not be told to take long breaths at all. Instead, they should be advised to breathe comfortably. Close your mouth, breathe in quietly through your nose, and slowly accumulate carbon dioxide, which will help you feel better. People usually try to take long deep breaths in such a way that their head starts to get heavy and they start to feel dizzy.

Eat a balanced diet

According to experts, if you suffer from anxiety and stress, you can reduce it by using your diet in a better way. With a balanced diet, proper water intake, smoking and low caffeine intake you can get rid of your anxiety to a great extent. The wrong eating routine affects the body badly. Therefore, it is important not to neglect your food choices and not to skip any meals, as doing so can affect your blood sugar levels and cause problems.


Unfortunately, we do not have the tendency to exercise at all, which is not a good thing for physical and mental health. We know that exercise is good for the body, but you may be surprised to know that research It has been found that exercising reduces the level of anxiety. Research has shown that running exercise helps eliminate the chemicals that cause anxiety in the brain. Experts say that exercise and yoga can be helpful if people are suffering from anxiety in general.

Find the stimulus

Heredity and the environment in which a person grows up increase the risk of anxiety, but some stimuli increase the risk of anxiety. Sudden changes in life can sometimes cause this, such as the birth of a child, Job loss, illness or the failure of a close relationship. Experts believe that when anxiety exceeds a certain level, it is like an alarm for the body and mind. It is a source of warning. It is very important to be aware of the triggers that cause you anxiety, such as too much workload, tight spaces, fear of heights. Most causes of panic attacks are thought to be related to physical changes. In some people, the triggers may be different, such as the sound of an alarm, marital relationship or exercise.

Get enough sleep

Sleep also cures many diseases. Have you ever noticed that when you don’t get enough sleep, you become very weak? By improving your sleep and waking hours, you can control anxiety to a great extent. When you don’t get enough sleep, you are badly affected. The ability to fight any kind of trouble inside is lost.

A large-scale study conducted in 2016 found that lack of sleep is a major cause of increased anxiety. It also has many other disadvantages such as excessive anxiety, insomnia and hormonal imbalance which increases anxiety. Experts believe that proper sleep is essential.

Psychological help

The human mind is a great miracle of nature. If a person learns to use his mind properly, he can reap immense benefits. Sometimes seeking help from a psychiatrist is also useful to prevent anxiety. Cognitive-Behavioral therapy is to provide assistance in this regard in which specialists help the patient to resolve his mental confusion through dialogue. Psychiatrists try to resolve all the fears and anxieties of any anxious patient through therapy.

There are many benefits to this. A physician can read the patient’s condition and thoughts and devise a better way to help them. And learn to overcome all the frightening conditions. Sometimes some people work with a therapist. If you can’t co-operate and don’t want to share your condition with them, there are other therapies, such as Bibliotherapy, which provides psychological support through writing. This therapy is especially helpful for parents of children who suffer from anxiety. In addition, this problem can be largely avoided through apps. Now there are apps that provide medical guidance or help.

Don’t let it affect you

When someone starts having excessive anxiety attacks, they give up their social activities. Some people are reluctant to even go to the doctor so that the doctor does not diagnose any contagious disease such as cancer. When anxiety starts to escalate, it is important to consult a doctor and it is more important to consult a qualified doctor. Try to behave like normal human beings and do not isolate yourself from social life.

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