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Colors in custom packaging to blow customer’s mind.

No matter what product the brand is offering in the marketplace. But, the packaging of that product is worth seeing as it is the source of customer attraction towards your product. Many brands recognize this factor and use multiple types and styles of packaging to improve their customer experience and sales.

They use a variety of packaging materials to differentiate themselves from their competitors and stand out in the competition. Along with all this, colors that are used in the packaging of products are the most important component for grabbing the
attention of potential buyers.

In the era of marketing and technology, where people are more shifting towards both physical stores and online stores. Their habits and trends are revolutionized and they are much aware of the information that was not conveyed fully to the customers in older times. As it is said: “The first impression is the last impression.”

So using different colors in packaging can enhance the overall look of the product. For this purpose, many businesses are shifted to customization on packaging instead of using regular packaging styles.

Wholesale retail packaging is a key to drive more sales and revenues that is why a large amount of budget is assigned to it. Colors are not only used to create an appealing appearance of the product but also convey a message and speak the brand story. Every color is unique mad describes its story differently from another one.

That is why bigger brands focus more on the selection of color schemes according to their target market and positioning. In today’s world, where the customer is on priority and is the most important one when it comes to product, selection of colors is the factor to make a brand successful or fail.

There are multiple color schemes and shades that are used according to the product and brand desire. There are a variety of color trends that are popular among every age group around the globe. Some of which are highlighted below:

Transparent Color Overplayed

This type of color pastel is used in past years to create beautiful illusions of graphics or pictures to make packaging more curious to know. This effect is so appealing to the customer and is lightweight. This trend is highly adopted by book covers, murals, food packaging, etc. It is so interesting that whenever a customer steps into any store, it will automatically grab the
attention because of its unique presentation and deep meanings.

Vintage and old Inspiration

Many people are antique lovers and attached to cultural or traditional settings. Because, of the relaxation and simplicity of that era, people tend to spend much time with that. By knowing this perception, many businesses come up with the idea of presenting their product in a vintage look. Beautiful pictures with mustard and low line colors with vintage fonts that connected
customers to the past era and their ancestor’s feelings are a true beauty in itself. It is mostly used by alcohol brands to present the flavor of vintage with a unique touch.

Monochromatic Palette

Using Monochromatic color can enhance the connection of products of the same brands. This technique sometimes proves to be the best choice by the customers. Because it uses the same family colors with different shades. It enhances the feels and representation of simple but elegant packaging. This is mostly used by IT-related brands. This is a balanced technique as it
neither has many colors nor black and white.

Neon Palette

This is the most advanced and youth-targeting color packaging. As the name describes itself the sparkling shades, funky, bold that are direct to the eyes. Whether total packaging is of neon colors or even the borderline, it flourishes the taste of the ’80s.

In the late ’80s, people like to wear such colors and use these colors everywhere in their lifestyles. This was on peak and adopted by many brands. As the world is evolving, neon comes into the trend once again with its deep luminous effect. Displaying such colors on packaging products on shelves catch customer’s eye in a blink. This is highly appreciated for displaying products in the stores.

Dark Background Palette

This style is used to pop up the front color scheme of the packaging box and to create an intense deep effect of luxurious products. It is mostly used by web designing products and advanced futuristic products.

Through this brands can gain aesthetics and the deep message conveyed to the customers. The blend of colors on this is highly pigmented which overall represents the appearance of the packaging as more appealing and eye-catching to the customers.

Story Telling Colors

These colors are unique. The colors used in contrast with each other speak and tell the story that the brand wants to convey to its valuable customers. It is mostly used for online stores as their overall focus of obtaining customers is through that network.

A combination of colors that are unique and meaningful creates feelings among the customers and connects to the emotional phenomenon. Presenting different pictures through colors and attractive lines or quotes can be good for delivering best to the customers.

This is highly recommended to brands understand the psychology of colors first, then decide to put it in their packaging solutions. For this, custom packaging solution providers are doing a great job of having expert teams understand the products thoroughly before suggesting the brands. Many companies are offering these services that not only help to do packaging of the
product but also enhances the branding.

Stampa Prints, with having a wide network of customers around the globe has an expert panel
who discuss the product in detail before order placement. They remain consistent along with
their customer to provide the best packaging solutions. Their response team is available to
answer any question with relevant information. They offer multiple packages according to the
affordability of the customers. Their on-time delivery mechanism with quality differentiates
them from other competitors performing in the market.

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