Halo Infinite: Tips and Tricks

Halo Infinite: Tips and Tricks you need to know

Halo Infinite is the newest sequel to the Halo game series. The game is a first-person shooter developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios. Halo Infinite’s multiplayer came out on November 15, 2021, and the campaign on December 8, 2021. The multiplayer has been an undeniable success since its launch.

The multiplayer of Halo Infinite has some neat tricks hidden inside the game for the players to discover. With these hidden tricks, you can get some advantage in PvP multiplayer. We have a list of all the top ticks that will help you in the game. Let’s jump right in.

Advantages of the Grapple Shot.

The Grapple Shot is a new addition to the game. And it creates a lot of plays that the player can pull off. The most obvious way of using the grapple shot is to move around the map faster. But did you know that it can also grapple yourself toward enemies? Combined with a well-timed melee hit, you can finish off enemies with ease. Another use of the grapple shot is hijacking enemy vehicles.

You can also hijack flying vehicles which can be a lot useful. There is one other use for the grapple shot, which will give you a competitive advantage. That is grappling the flag towards you. When executed properly, capturing the flag will be much easier for you with this trick.

Halo Infinite__Advantages of the Repulsor

Repulsor is another piece of equipment in the game that has a lot of hidden uses. When equipped, the Repulsor will give you a force push power. You can use this in many ways, like throwing grenades away or pushing back enemies who try to melee you. However, there are some hidden things you can do with the Repulsor. Did you know that you can boost yourself up with the Repulsor?

To do this, you need to look at the ground and use the Repulsor when you jump. You can move around the map faster and approach enemies from an unexpected angle with the help of this trick. Apart from that, you can push power seeds, the flag, and even vehicles.

Advantages of the Razorback.

In the game, there is a vehicle named Razorback. Players might consider this a useless vehicle since it does not have a mounted gun on top of it.

But the Razorback has some hidden uses that might be much better than a mounted gun. In modes like Capture The Flag or Stockpile, you can store the flag or two power seeds in the back of the vehicle.

This one is easy to miss because the game doesn’t mention anything. Carrying the flag on the Razorback will make you visible on the map. But it doesn’t matter because you can quickly deliver the flag across the map.

Riding on top of a vehicle with the flag

For this one, you are going to need a friend. When you get in a vehicle with the flag, you will be marked and visible to the enemies. However, if you stand on top of a vehicle, you will not be marked on the map.

This happens because the game thinks you are standing in place and not moving. This trick is not easy to pull off. You have to be moving at the right speed to keep the player on the vehicle. This trick is also possible with flying vehicles.

Is Shooting at Head or Body Good?

This is Something that you should keep in mind. It doesn’t matter where you shoot when the enemy has their shields up. The damage done to the shield is the same no matter where you hit. So try to aim at the body because you will land most of your shots. After breaking the shield, aim at the head to take out the enemy quickly.

The easiest way to take out a Drop wall

A drop wall is a piece of equipment that blocks enemy fire when deployed. Drop walls in the hands of the enemy players can be a lot annoying. But don’t worry, you can take down a drop wall in a second by shooting at the projector at the bottom. You can catch players off-guard with this trick because they don’t expect it.

Controller tweaks you must change.

If you are using a controller, adjusting the Dead-zone and the Aim Acceleration is essential. Try to lower the Dead-zone and increase the Aim Acceleration until you feel comfortable. These adjustments will help you to improve your overall performance in the game.


How to mute annoying voice chats?

Halo Infinite is an online multiplayer game and, at some point, you will meet annoying people with their mics on. The game doesn’t give you an option to automatically mute all, at least for now. But there is a way to do this, and it is hidden in the settings.

Open up the in-game pause menu, and in there, you will find the social tab at the bottom right corner. In the Social Tab, there is a list of players then you can select the ones you want and mute them.

Lag Fix

While playing the multiplayer, you might experience some lag. This happens because sometimes, the game connects you to a long-distance server. The Reddit user SKEETINGTONS found out a fix for this issue. This fix works on both PC and Xbox. So, if you are experiencing some lag, this fix might help you.

Loot Cave

In the map Fragmentation, there is a loot cave. You can find them in the middle of the map with red doors. Once you locate these doors, use your AI to hack them. Inside the loot cave, you will find a lot of loot that will give you an advantage in the game.

Conclusion Of Halo Infinite

Above all are the best tips and tricks in Halo Infinite multiplayer. The game doesn’t inform the player about most of these tips and tricks. Keep these tips in your mind and use them in the game for an advantage.


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