Hiking to the Great Lake of Kashmir

Great Lake of Kashmir-world paradise

The most beautiful hike in India

 The Great Lake of Kashmir is perhaps the most beautiful tour. no doubt. It affirmed Kashmir’s legendary status as a world paradise.

 The explanation is that the journey is on a material more important than life. Provides a 360-degree view every day, overlooking barren mountains, unsightly mountains and towering turquoise lakes. at last. In addition, you can explore more than 7 lakes and 5 unique valleys.

 This is a slightly troublesome visit, lasting more than six days, with various scenes. This means you need to walk for a long time without simple permit lights and steep ascents and dives. Therefore, this is not implied for amateurs who have not been shown to travel high.

 Endure hardship, after all, you deserve it. The snow that feeds these lakes is much more beautiful. You can see them sliding into the lake from the narrow mountains. From time to time, on the dark blue lake, you will see soft white drift ice.

 Then there is a clearing in Kashmir. These clearings have a daily ton, with various structures and sizes.

 In an instant, maples and pines were grouped in these wetlands, like springs in the desert. The next day ponies and sheep flew through a wide valley. In the desert of these hills, on the third day, just below the Gadsar Pass, withered flowers began to grow. In the green plains of Satsar, the day of the quatri√®me was almost pruned, a deafening stream passed it.

 Every trip after this excursion feels like a small screen. However, Cashmere’s Great Lakes is IMAX 3D – this is the beauty of the ride. If you haven’t completed the trip yet, put it on your to-do list!

 What I like about this trip

 Breathtaking mountain views during the trip

 Most trips to the Himalayas are exceptionally beautiful. In any case, the Great Lake of Kashmir has its own scale. Of course, the Cashmere Mountains have similarities. There is an overwhelming presence around you. If I say that traveling through Cashmere is like watching IMAX on a regular TV screen elsewhere, I wouldn’t be wrong. Cashmere

 The ever-changing, wild valley

 The Great Lakes hike in Kashmir has a 7-day itinerary. You will also pass through 7 valleys unwillingly. In addition, each valley spreads out during the journey every day. Each valley is given to the valley when the competition is fierce. Of the

 seven unique valleys, 6 are various unsettled or unsettled areas. These high-altitude wilderness areas and fields are related to Qualcomm. On one side or the other of the pass, the grass is expected to be comparable. In any case, they definitely are not. Each of them is its own universe and has its own attraction.

 Among the maples and birches, the Shekdur willow is also known as the tabletop. It shows how powerful and vibrant nature is. Cross the Nichnai Pass and enter the desert you don’t want to end.

 Vishnusar meadow is a wide meadow with wild flowers and a delicate waterway running through the center. Gadesar Hill is even more sensational. It is smaller and has more spikes on both sides same as kuari pass. The main scene is a huge Gadsar, but many milder lakes are causing it.

 You transferred from Gadsar Valley to the “window background” of Satsar Valley. The soft, almost trimmed green grass of the Sassa Willow is admired by some maple trees and lonely ponies on the grass.

 Gangabal is the last piece of grass. When you see the valley below the Zaj pass, you can almost look at the Green World Guide. Gangabal looks like blue Africa! As far as he is concerned, Nandkol’s lies. There are four different lakes in the green scene.


 If you are not referring to the lake, you cannot talk about the Great Kashmir Lake hike. When I saw some photos of the lake before doing research, I thought they were Photoshop photos from Scandinavian countries. In the mountains of our country, I really did not accept the existence of these lakes. These tall lakes are crystal clear and change color throughout the day.

 From dawn, it is green at dusk, light blue at dusk, and blue at dusk. The twin lakes of Vishnusar and Kishansar, the Gadsar Sea Green with floating ice, the view of the huge Gangabal and its double Nandkol are among the best inclusive lake landscapes in the world.

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