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How to always keep the stomach healthy?

Tighten the stomach. Always keeps healthy?

A healthy stomach keeps the systems throughout the body healthy and active,

An organ (serving the vital organs of the body) that causes damage to the whole human body It is the stomach that suffers from a painful mind and the pain that makes a person feel helpless.

understandably; the esophagus may be a readable part. The water membrane on the proper side of the stomach the mucous is more and Because of its texture, the food is slippery.

On the left side of the stomach, it looks like a small stomach,It is said that in this area the food is stored and in this area moisture falls on the digestive food.

The stomach is so close to the heart that sometimes a person’s stomach hurts and the patient is unwell,
After a while I think he has a heart attack and it is not wrong to say that heartburn really does cause heartburn.

stomach pain and cramps
Stomach pain

95 % of people with heart disease have had gastrointestinal problems. If it repeatedly injures the brain through the nerves, then the back of the head becomes a migraine and the whole head becomes a headache.Remember that the mucus that lubricates the gastrointestinal tract tastes salty.Therefore, if the stomach is empty then Sometimes I complain that only white salt water is coming out, which means that the cause is gastrointestinal upset.

People often complain of back pain, the food in the back of the stomach may be contaminated.

Is rotten similarly, if the stomach is asleep, If the brain is tormented then we have nightmares, especially after eating heavy food.

This is what happens when you go to sleep, you have nightmares,

The stomach is actually warmer and easier to perform its function. The purpose is that on the right side of the stomach is the place of God which is the stomach Delivers heat, But on the left side of the stomach is the spleen where the dead red cavities are found. It cools the stomach to a great extent but the heart above the stomach and the membranes in front of the stomach guarantee to keep the stomach warm.

Stomach structure

Stomach cramps

Stomach Have five levels or Layers:-

1:- the first layer is the innermost state where there is a thick membrane.

2:- Second layer: It supports the first soil.

3:- Third Layer: Called Yadal Hai (made of meat, slightly thick.

4:- Fourth Layer: There is a lab tissue to support this monk.

5:- Fifth Layer: This is the smoothest kind of burgundy.

The gastrointestinal nervous system is called the gastrointestinal nervous system. It extends from the esophagus to the esophagus, and is guaranteed by the nervous system. Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the only medicine which can cure gastric ulcer most effectively. Otherwise the stomach and stomach tighten again in six hours. Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the only food which can cure gastric ulcer most effectively. Rice and other foods have been shown to stimulate the nervous system due to stress.

How to keep the stomach healthy?

Stomach heat and pain
How to always keep the stomach healthy

1:- Have breakfast with a lot of local food and ten o’clock in the day is the best time for breakfast. The best time for lunch is at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, have dinner in the evening and have plenty.

2:- Exercise at home after breakfast; It is as if the exercise of the joints is good, Rest for a while after lunch. Almost thick, walk after dinner (forty steps necessary). It will also helps you to lose weight fast.

3:- In this amount of food, some part is empty for water, some part is empty for air. Get enough food in your mouth, The system begins with the tongue and the confession of gastric secretion begins with sniffing.

4:- Sleep deprivation is more likely to be refreshing, more sleep deprivation can lead to stomach upset, and sleep deprivation can lead to dryness of the stomach, Try to exercise vigorously on an empty stomach or hours after meals, Due to the obstruction of the lower part of the stomach, the food goes to the stomach and causes indigestion and abdominal pain.

5:- If you want to sleep, sleep more than ten left and right, otherwise you will get gas. It is better to change the crotch. Remember that the longer the right crotch sleeps, the more the food slips, sleeping on the left side for a long time causes excessive accumulation of gastric fluid and digestion. Ultimate crotch stretches from gold to food and esophagus; it can also cause acid reflux.

What to protect the stomach?

1:- Keep in mind that the ft will not be hit in any way.

2:- From the stomach to the stomach, from the stomach to the stomach, from the return of food. Guarantees to stop are weakening.

3:- If you use more than moderate amount of chilli for mass, which is put on most of the mucus, then the inner membrane of the stomach also ruptures, avoid them.

4:-۔ if you have heartburn, use the same milk, sweetener. If you feel less hungry, consider excessive acidity, want to keep If the stomach feels heavy even after four hours of eating, it is a sign of indigestion.

5:- ۔ Ordinary ghee, goat’s food, use of red pepper without restraint, rest, keep calm.

More about Stomatch

Stomach cramps

In stomach cramps a person feels uncomfortable and sometimes hurt. stomach cramps are not serious and do not needs to be diagnosed

Stomach ulcer

Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the contraction of the abdominal, gastric or intestinal muscles. Depending on which part of the spasm is present and how severe it is, you may experience this spasm in the form of a muscle spasm or cramping (involuntary and painful contractions) of the stomach.

stomach ache

The most common types of stomach ache are Feeling bloated, farting a lot, Watery poo, feeling sick, vomiting

stomach pain

Pain in stomach is generaly uncommon and mostly occur due to an unbalanced diet

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