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Protest at Punjab university over ‘objectionable videos’

Student held at Chandigarh Punjab University over inappropriate videos

Protests erupted on the campus of a private university in Mohali over rumours of a student filming compromising videos. It was later found out that they were false rumours, but this lead to arrests and investigations. A woman student had been arrested and police was looking for a man in Himachal Pradesh.

A woman in Punjab shared a video of herself with a youth. No other objectionable videos were found.

According to the university, reports about a group of women in the dorm being filmed and then made public on social media were false and unfounded. Protestors claim that the school is attempting to suppress the issue by refusing to release more details.

The University had rumors that videos of women students were released and the protests happened after midnight on Saturday.

A student has been arrested, and their phone seized for forensic analysis. No students have died, or attempted to die.

An FIR has been issued under Section 354-C and the IT Act after two people were seen on CCTV cameras, that were in a woman’s residence. Further investigation is required to determine more information, officials said.

The government has called for an investigation, and strict action will be taken against those found guilty.

“Sad to hear about the unfortunate incident at Chandigarh University… I will come back to you with more information… a high-level inquiry has been ordered in the matter.” Mann said in a tweet.

Mann, in his need to address rumours that he made contact with the administration,

The incident caused people to respond, which sparked action from parties and women’s rights bodies.

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party convener Arvind Kejriwal said those involved in the incident will be punished harshly.

“Girls should keep their courage,” he said in a tweet in Hindi. “We are all with you.” He continued, “All should act with patience.”

Women’s Commission Chairperson visits university in protest of language

“I want to assure parents that this incident is being investigated by the police,” she said.

That is a mystery.

A Statement from the National Commission for Women (NCW), its Chair Rekha Sharma has written to the Director General of Punjab’s Police to file an FIR and handle the matter without any laxity.

The National Commission for Women (NCW) emphasizes the importance of safety and security, as well as quality counselling for all victims.

The women’s rights body has also written to the Vice Chancellor at Chandigarh University.

There is a call for a fair and free investigation of the crime, as well as exemplary punishment of those responsible.

Punjab university over ‘objectionable videos’ Shaant Badal Says Authorities Shouldn’t Suppress Content

When it comes to sharing videos, you must take a stand and not tolerate behavior that is misogynistic. Lets make sure that the perpetrators who share these videos are dealt with strongly.

According to Deo, many rumors about the case have already been disseminated on social media.

The girl students were in the same bathroom as the boy student, and they saw that he was taking pictures with a phone. They reported the incident to an adult, and the police were subsequently informed.

The girls involved in the altercation wanted to make sure they were not the only ones exposing themselves on video. The footage from the phone did not find any other girls.

When a reporter asked about any girl who had committed suicide, the university’s Pro-Chancellor said that no girls had attempted it. Earlier, rumors were circulating that a video containing objectionable content about girls was found – however, the Pro-Chancellor confirmed it was false.

The SSP of Mohali, Soni, said that a woman investigating officer will be responsible for the misconduct in the case.

The student has only self-uploaded videos of herself, in addition to this, there are no videos of other people.

In a video, students were asking the person filming the video, to tell the truth.

The student deleted the videos before the case could go to court. The phone was also broken.

A female student says more than ten girls in the hostel had panic attacks on Saturday.

The new girls’ hostel lacks the benefits of its former, male-oriented campus.

The student seemed to take the ambulance ride calmly, according to the SSP.

She questioned the woman student who was later arrested to find out if she had made a video of any other student.

In the video, it is purported that the warden said, “Who told you to record the video?.. You will be suspended.”

The warden asserts that the girls should have morals and that someone else, possibly a man, told them to make this.

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