Rejuvenate Your Senses by Enjoying Snowfall in Shimla

Rejuvenate Your Senses by Enjoying Snowfall in Shimla

Capital of Himachal Pradesh, one of the northern states in India situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, Shimla is considered the summer capital of British India. People from whole world enjoy snowfall in Shimla and enjoye sightseeing tour in Kufri  . This hill station is leveled at an elevation of 2276 meters and covers an area of 35.34 square kilometers. This place houses a population of about 2 lakhs, approximately. This place is the chief commercial center, as well as a cultural and educational center of Himachal Pradesh.

Shimla entertains holidays of every category for almost all ages. This place has influenced numerous Bollywood movies for its picturesque scenery and admixture of colossal mountains, rivers, and woods together make this place a fairy tale! Along with the natural beauty, the upscale hotels, restaurants, and bustling markets together make this place a winner.

Shimla Snowfall

India features very few places that experience snowfall. Out of these snow blessed places, Shimla is indexed at the top of the list. Though summer happens to be the most visited season in Shimla, yet winter in Shimla also experiences a huge footfall. Snowfall in Shimla creates an impression on the visitor’s mind. Travel agents include all the popular spots, like Mall Road, Scandal Point, Kufri, Jakhoo Peak, etc in the Shimla holiday packages.

It is suggested to plan a trip to Shimla for at least 3 days and 2 nights for exploring the numerous beasts of this place.

Activities while Snowfall in Shimla

A trip to Shimla is always full of life and activities. For travelers to Shimla in winter, this place offers several recreational options. Traveling agencies like Tour Travel World plans the entire trip including these activities.

1.Shopping in Mall Road:

The mall road in Shimla is studded with many shops and eating places. A traveler can relinquish in a heart-filling shopping spree, along with walking through the street market of Shimla which stays covered with a beautiful white sheet of snow. The Mall Road of the town of Shimla is one of the most favorite places to visit in a snowfall season in Shimla.

The Ridge and the Christ Church are the two main attractions of Mall Road. Wooden toys, woolen clothes, handicraft items, artifacts, and various other accessories are available in the marketplace of Shimla. Not only this, a wide range of lip-smacking snacks would satisfy the taste buds of the visitors.

2.Sightseeing Tour In Kufri:

Kufri is also popularly termed Snow Resort. This place possesses various picturesque scenarios of the hill station. In winter this place becomes one of the most visited snow places in Shimla. Here the travelers can explore popular sights like the Kufri Fun World, Nagsons Amusement Park, and Himalayan National Park.

3.Sports In Winter:

sports in winter jas a different effect on the visitors especially when snowing. One can indulge in thrilling activities, like ice skating, sledding, sliding, and many more. These activities are very common in Shimla, most importantly, when this city is covered with snow.

4.Climbing Up To The Jakhoo Peak:

Jakhoo peak is considered the highest mountain peak in the city of Shimla. This peak is situated
at an elevation of around 8000 feet covered in Alpine trees. A beautiful statue of Lord Hanuman
and a very colorful temple that remains as an attraction in this town while climbing this peak.
Also, Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary and the ViewPoint are another two attractions of this
place. Overall climbing the Jakhoo peak in the weather in Shimla snowfall occurs to be a highly
exciting job.

5. Exploring The Picturesque Town Of Mashobra:

The serene town of Mashobra serves as a place of tranquillity and peace in Shimla. This place is
elevated at a height of about 7700 feet above sea level. Situated approximately at a distance of 13
kilometers from Shimla, Mashobra is one of the most popular places of snowfall near Shimla.
Peace-loving travelers rest in the restful and undisturbed place of Mashobra away from the busy
city life.
Lakka bazaar, Jakhoo temple, and Mahasu Devta temple are the main attraction of this place near

6. Indulging In The Green Valley:

The Green Valley is also among one of the most visited and sightseeing spots in Shimla. The
lush green natural bounties of this place are portrayed in countless Bollywood movies. The
Green Valley Art Gallery and the Green Valley Library are the two most important places to visit
in Green Valley. Visiting this place in the snowfall month in Shimla lets a visitor surrender
themselves to the nature and capturing moments with a beautiful background of the vast greenery
spread all over the place.

7. Visiting The Fascinating Town Of Naldehra:

The Naldehra town is situated about 25 kilometers away from Shimla. This place is one of the
mesmerizing places to visit near Shimla and witness the snowfall. The main attractions of
Naldehra are the Shali Temple, Chadwick falls, and the 9 hole golf course which is the oldest
golf course in our country. This place is also famous for its picnic spots and luxurious resorts for
spending quality time with the family.

Packing Essentials

After planning a trip to Shimla during winter, one must keep in mind and be very aware of the
acute temperature in Shimla snowfall.

Following are a list of various essential items for traveler must carry while traveling to
Shimla in a snowing month.

  • Woolen garments of all kinds along with jackets are very important. Also, it is
    recommended to carry warmers for protection from chilly winds.
  • Other than the garments, woolen gloves, and woolen socks are the most important things
    to carry. Including long boots and warm socks are ideal for walking through the snow-
    covered valley and roads.
  • Moisturiser, winter creams, and lotions are a must-pack for protecting the skin from
    cracking. In extremely cold weather, it might also bleed, hence winter creams are very
  • Carrying a first aid kit and necessary medicines for cough, cold, and motion sickness is a
    wise decision. This would not let a trip ruin for illness.
  • It is recommended that one must not forget to lack all technical stuff like portable
    chargers, mobile chargers, cameras, portable speakers, USB, headphones, etc for an
    uninterrupted and memorable trip.

Snowfall Staying Places

Proper accommodation is very important for any trip. Following are some good ideas for staying
in Shimla for having the most snowfall in this place.

1. The Cecil

The Cecil is a 5-star hotel in Shimla. This property is owned by the Oberoi hotel chains, since the
British era. This hotel boasts colonial architecture, opulent decors the luxurious rooms. This
hotel is recommended as one of the best places to stay during snowfall in Shimla. Located on the
Chaura Maidan Road, the room tariff of this hotel starts from rupees 11500, exclusive of taxes.

2. Radisson Hotel Shimla

Situated in the Goodwood Estate of Lower Bharati Road, Radisson Hotel is one of the nicest
places to stay during a snowfall. With room rents starting from rupees 10,500, this 4-star hotel
provides luxuries of all sorts, for example, gymnasium, spa center, outdoor pool, upmarket bar,
and fine dining restaurant.

3. Honeymoon Inn

This staying place is located near the Mall. This place offers a visitor to cherish every little
moment of the trip to Shimla in snowfall. Along with luxuries and comfort, this hotel charges a
reasonable price as a tariff, starting from rupees 5500, exclusive of taxes.

Time To Visit

December to February is considered the winter months in Shimla. From the middle of December
to January it is the peak time for snowing in this place. The season of snowfall might sometimes
arrive early which amplifies the beauty and joy of the vacation planned. Not only this, snowfall
in Shimla attracts tourists of every age and category from every corner of our country to gather
in this hill station and admire the beauty of nature and this place, blanketed with a thick snow
layer, as well.

The temperature in this place varies from 0 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius during the
winter and snowfall in Shimla. While snowing, the average temperature tends on a higher side
but shows a sharp fall in temperature after the snowing stops. This happens because of the chilly
and freezing winds that blow all over the region. For enjoying the snowfall in Shimla, a weekend
might be enough to proceed along with the picturesque hill station. A travel agency in Shimla
might help a tourist to plan the whole trip to Shimla in an organized manner within 3 days and 2