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Wendy Williams Takes a Break to Focus on Her Health

It’s not the first time that Wendy Williams has put her career on the back burner to focus on health issues, but this time she says it’s for real, according to People magazine. The talk show host revealed in an interview on Watch What Happens Live that she had entered a wellness facility with plans to remain there until she was satisfied with where [she] is health-wise, physically and mentally. She also said that she expected to make it out of the facility by October 4th, when her show returns from its summer hiatus.

Get out of bed

Williams felt compelled to take time away from her very demanding schedule. She wrote in her blog post that she was having some health issues and needed rest. In an interview with Access Hollywood, she explained that there was more going on than just feeling exhausted, although it has been reported that she had been struggling with her sleep and eating habits in the months leading up to the announcement. In fact, this is the second time Wendy Williams has taken a break from TV-the first time being in 2009 when she took three months off following complications with thyroid cancer.

What advice would you give?

Williams’ self care is important not only for herself but also for those who care about her. I’m glad she’s seeking help now before things get out of hand!

Wendy Williams Takes a Break Accept negative thoughts and emotions

Focus on how and why you are in the place that you are. When we go into self-blame or anger mode, it causes us to spiral down even further into feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. It’s also not effective for finding an answer or solution. You are much more likely to get past your current state by staying calm and centering yourself. Use what you know about yourself and your world from being up until this point as your starting point.

Add in exercise

The most important thing is to find what works for you and your lifestyle. What Wendy has done has had amazing effects. Meditation is one technique I’ve used before, and I found it really helpful at the time. If you’re in need of help, try checking out some resources such as Netflix, Headspace, Yoga Journal or Dr. Oz’s website that have tips and resources just for you!

Enjoy healthy foods

This week’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show saw the TV talk show host finally announcing what everyone has been waiting for: She will be going away from her regular show this summer in order to focus on her overall health issues. She will be leaving for at least six weeks, and as she said goodbye, we took the opportunity to send some love from FN Dish.

She may not seem like your typical cooking enthusiast, but Wendy has actually been singing the praises of healthier foods lately. Just last week she showed her viewers how easy it is to cook for themselves when you know how by tossing some quinoa into a pan with olive oil and honey and boiling it with carrots and celery until soft. It’s a great meal that would make any home chef proud.

Learn to relax

As the years go by, it’s often difficult to balance life with our various roles. Juggling career, family and other obligations can be difficult but if you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed out more than usual, then perhaps it’s time for you to take some time for yourself. Sometimes it can be hard when things are all happening so fast and there’s just not enough hours in the day. You need to learn how to relax!

Express gratitude daily

Instead of saying, thank you, I like to end my interactions with other people by asking how they are doing. Why not show that you care about them by asking them how they are? If they’re doing well, ask what that’s like for them. What’s the best part of their day? What would make their day better? Have they accomplished anything recently? Asking questions and really listening can do wonders for your relationship with people.

When someone tells me about themselves, I feel like we’re closer than before. It shows that you actually cared enough to listen instead of thinking about what you’re going to say next or whether it was time for them to leave yet. Plus, focusing on other people helps put yourself in a more positive mindset!

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